​jLifeSaver of kansas interlock ignition device benefits



  • The fastest way to get back on the road legally
  • friendly support staff.
  • Premier uses a LifeSaver ignition interlock device, which offers the most cost efficient interlock device on the market. 
  • Since 1991, lifesaver has been committed to getting you back on the road legally and safely with speed and ease.
  • State of Kansas Certified
  • State of Kansas Licensed






  1. You will receive a letter from the kansas DMV, stating how long your ignition interlock device is required. Keep this letter, as it will serve as your drivers license after your interlock is installed and you must have it with you to drive.
  2. check the status of your driver's license and you application for a restricted interlock license. You will receive a notice from the state on wheather your application has been approved or denied.
  3. If approved, make an appointment to install your lifesavers igniction interlock device for the date your restriction period starts, or soon after that date, by call calling our Wichita location (316)243-6682 or our Wellington location (620)481-1912
  4. Remeber to bring the letter with you informingyou of your restrictions to your instalation appoinment, this will serve as your driver's license. 








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